How to become a John Arbon Mill Member!

As we promised, here is some more information regarding the launch of our new MILL MEMBERSHIP!
And how you can also get a chance to WIN your very own FREE Mill Membership!!!!!!!!!!!!…

To start, this is the card that you will receive if you sign up for the John Arbon Textiles Mill Membership…

member card

It is a fantastic needle gauge Membership Card and, as a Mill Member, it will be sent to you in a special new John Arbon Texitles project bag, along with a mini skien of Knit by Numbers, a button badge … and a choice of either a bag of tops OR a skien of yarn OR a pair of socks!

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Wonderwool Wales Action…

Hello Fibre Folk,

We are now back into spinning world at the Mill after the whirl wind of Wonderwool Wales 2015! What a fab show, it’s one that we always enjoy doing.

John had lots of fun in ‘Top of the Tops’ corner as always! Lots of spinning folk visited our array of Mill cans brimming over with lovely fluff!
We took along a few new colours and fibre blends, created by Frankie.

Photo 25-04-2015 09 57 21

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Unravel is almost here!

So Unravel 2015 is this weekend!

Come and find us … we are in the main hall as always, but ina new spot … however, not far from our normal place, so no need to worry, you will find us!

Anyway, we are so excited and thought we would share some lovely photos to get you in the mood!


Sale bobbin ends!
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Little Laurel the dog.

One of Juliet’s dearest friends Peter, has just got a new dog…

Laurel is a beautiful fox terrier who seems to be obsessed with socks!

Apparently she has stashes all over the house which she colour co-ordinates and moves around…

They are very special to her. We were so smitten with her we just had to give her a pair of special socks, which of course are now her favorite!

Here is Laurel with one of our new Exmoor Socks, colour matched with her bed, of course.



And here is the Exmoor Sock Offer for those of you who want to see the other colour options to match with your own bedding!

Over and out.

Special Christmas Festivites!

Forget Black Friday … we are having our own special SOCK SUNDAY!
… which is even better, because it actually lasts right up until Christmas Day.
Not only do we have a Christmas Specials page now on the web (with many a fine sock at a reduced price)
but we want to remind you to make use of your 10% discount voucher in your latest catalogue as well…
if you need a copy simply e-mail Juliet and she will pop one in the post (


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