PomPom Quarterly come to visit!

If you have managed to get your hands on the latest POMPOM Quarterly magazine (the Autumn issue), you may have noticed that they came to visit us at the Mill and also our home town of Lynton recently. We had so much fun when Lydia, Meghan, Amy and Agnes came and they have written an amazing article about their 24 hour action packed fun Friday with us. Photos are by “Agnese Sanvito for Pom Pom Quarterly.

John Arbon Textiles_17

We managed to squeeze it all in, and in such a short space of time! … a Mill tour, which included a viewing of the Mill Showroom, then on to Lynton to our local pub (the Rising Sun), plus fish and chips on the harbour … and finally, the next morning, a refreshing dip in the sea which woke us up nicely!

So first stop was the Mill Showroom, where yarn fondling and cups of tea were had by all.  At this point John was still tinkering with Kevin, but soon washed off his oil stains, and proudly conducted a tour round the Mill, explaining all about our daily life working the vintage spinning machinery, creating yummy yarns and tops.

John Arbon Textiles_74

And here is a photo Agnes took of John, Becky and Frankie at the end of a Mill day, all covered in fluff and grease from a hard day at the Mill!

John Arbon Textiles_61

After the Mill experience we carried on with our normal John Arbon Textiles’ Friday when many of those who live in Lynton head on down to the local pub for a small gathering and a catch up at the end of the week. We paused for a moment to eat fish and chips on the harbour whilst watching the sea lap gently on the shore as the sun went down.

We rounded off the evening with natter and some slightly drunken hand spinning on Frankie’s new (and most gorgeous) Ashford Kiwi spinning wheel!

The next morning both Lydia and John were keen to go in the sea, so a cold dip was organised and quickly executed by 3 brave souls (Frankie joined in), whilst the others lounged on the beach shouting the odd word of encouragement!

Lynmouth Devon_29

It was such a pleasure to have the POMPOM crew visit and take part in a small moment of our woolly world.

Thank you very much to Lydia, Amy and Meghan, and not forgetting Agnes who took the amazing photographs in the article and our blog – even one of Juliet and John’s lovely cat Daylor.

Lynmouth Devon_32

If you would like to get this latest issue of Pom Pom Quarterly and find out all the details of the Devon adventure just click HERE.

In this issue you will also find a pattern by Nadia Cretin-Lechenne using Viola in English Mustard, a yarn created by John and the fabulous Canadian hand-dyer Emily Foden (click HERE for more info).

By the way, we have included a 10% discount off Viola and all of our other yummy yarns, tops and socks exclusively to Pom Pom Quarterly readers – simply quote the code in the magazine at checkout, either online (www.jarbon.com) or over the phone (tel: 01598 752490).


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