We are back from Woolfest!

We are now back and all unpacked from Woolfest 2016.

We had a lovely time and always enjoy our visit to the lakes! (Even though Belle, the podgy dog who lives at the lovely smallholding we stay at, ate Frankie’s sandwich!)

Our new Knit by Numbers 4ply (which you can now find here) stood tall and proud as the newest member of the family, along side the double knit range … 91 different tonal Merino shades in each count of yarn. We are always super impressed by how organised you knitters out there are bringing along patterns to match up with yarns and had so much fun helping you choose colours from the 4ply range to fulfill fair isle patterns.
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Winners of the Show & Tell raffle!

As part of our bustling Mill Open Weekend on the 15/16th May this year, we invited you lovely woolly folk to bring along anything you had crafted using something we made at the Mill – be it hand spun, knit, crocheted, felted, sewn, or everything all at once!

The winners were not based on our favourites (cos lets face it, that would be all of them), but were drawn from a hat (or should I say fibre can!). So, when John & Juliet returned from their holidays we set up the special prize draw fibre can and John plucked out 10 lucky winners (there were only supposed to be 8 but we loved everyone’s entries so much we thought we would pull another winner from each day, Saturday and Sunday, to make it a round 10).
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