Spinach / Cabbage / Squashed Frog… SYCAMORE

After much deliberation of what to call our new Merino/Zwartbles browny/green top, made exclusively for the secret Mill Members page…

…it is now called SYCAMORE… we felt Spinach did not do it justice, it will be available on the secret Mill Members page imminently.


Do we think Sycamore works the best?

To find out more about becoming a Mill Member, click HERE.

Membership secrets

Hello woolly folk!

We thought we would share some info about the goodies on the secret Mill Members web page at the moment.

One of the perks of being a Mill Member is you get first look at our new scrummy fibres and luscious yarns.

On the secret Mill Member web page we have two new wondrous tops, and two limited edition yarns, exclusive to our Mill Members.
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Fibre east is almost here!

With Fibre East (25th & 26th July) just around this summery corner we are busy preparing goodies…

Here is just a glimpse of what we will bringing for you!

Screen shot 2014-11-20 at 12.08.09
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We are now back from Woolfest and unpacking. What a great show. We always enjoy Woolfest and we stay on a lovely little smallholding where there are shetland ponies, horses and a dog named Belle!

We launched a brand new Knit by Numbers colour at Woolfest – a bright raspberry pink base, down to the lighter gradients.
It is now available on our website as well.


And if you have a shadecard without these colours, no.62, 63, 64, 65, 66 and 67, and would like a strand to make your shadecard complete please e-mail Juliet and let her know and she will send the shades out free of charge (juliet@jarbon.com)

Here are a few images of our stand at Woolfest if you didn’t make it. It was great to see lots of returning folk and meet some new people there too.







This lovely lady brought over her hand spun and hand knitted shawl she is working on. The fibre was our Alpaca Supreme in fawn…


…She was one among many who come to show us what they have been making with our fibre/yarn.
We do love seeing the creative things you have come up with, so always bring them along and show us!

A Special thank you also to the splendid lady who brought us 2 days’ worth of delicious cake! So many different types of cake and so little time! Sorry to the customers who caught us red handed with mouthfuls of yummy cake!

Towards the end of the show the organises came round and awarded us with a rosette of loveliness! We were chuffed, so thank you!

We are next at Fibre East, so we hope to see you there!

Our First Mill tour!

The launch of our Mill Membership is complete and the first Membership packs have been sent out in the post.

So we hope all you Mill Members have received your packages, with your special John Arbon Textiles needle gauge Membership card that has your Mill Membership number on the back … hope it made you smile!

And we had our first Mill Members come and visit the brand new show room AND have a mill tour! A couple of those visiting had even won their free membership in the raffle at the Open Weekend. A group of splendid ladies and one lovely man, who were on a camping holiday and they had all brought their spinning wheels along for a grand spin-along around the campfire. (HOW GREAT IS THAT!?)
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