Wonderful Patterns!

Over the weekend we have had two fabulous patterns brought to our attention from designers who have used our yarn and we love them so much that we wanted to share them with you!

So very exciting and inspiring!

Firstly we have ‘Lean On Me’ designed by Anna Maltz … we remember Anna and her lovely partner coming to a yarn show to choose the yarn and we are delighted by the mix of colour’s and how they came together!

lean on me

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Little Laurel the dog.

One of Juliet’s dearest friends Peter, has just got a new dog…

Laurel is a beautiful fox terrier who seems to be obsessed with socks!

Apparently she has stashes all over the house which she colour co-ordinates and moves around…

They are very special to her. We were so smitten with her we just had to give her a pair of special socks, which of course are now her favorite!

Here is Laurel with one of our new Exmoor Socks, colour matched with her bed, of course.



And here is the Exmoor Sock Offer for those of you who want to see the other colour options to match with your own bedding!

Over and out.